Wu De Health & Combat will be closed for all recognized Holidays in the United States. 

We will be closed from 6/08-6/26 (May have events) 

We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving (May have events)

We will be closed from 10/30-11/01 (May have events)

We will be closed the weeks of Christmas and New Years

Planned Events (Dates on further notice)

Asian Festival 5/27/23 10am-5pm The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Downtown Campus, 501 W César E Chávez Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78207.
Demo and table for promotion and fundraising

Chinese Holidays
Chinese New Year (varies based on harvest calendar)
Zhang San Feng Festival  4/9
World Tai Chi Day (Last Saturday of April) 

American Holidays
Juneteenth 6/19
Halloween 10/31
Thanksgiving Charity Event
Christmas Charity Event

Slavic Holidays
Festival of Veles 2/17
Spring Equinox 3/20 (Burning of Morena)
Jarillo 6/4 (Harvest and Fertility) 
Summer Solstice 6/21 (Kupala night)
Festival of Perun 7/20
Fall Equinox 9/23 (Harvest Festival)
Dziady  11/1 (Night of the Dead)
Day of Mokosh 11/10
Winter Solstice 12/21 (Koliada Night)
Christmas 12/25

Nordic Holidays
Disablot 2/2 (Preparation for planting)
Ostara 3/21 (Rejuvenation of earth)
Walpurgisnacht 4/30 (Coming of Spring)
Midsommarblot 6/21 (Summer Solstice)
Freysblot 8/1 (1st Harvest Feast)
Haustblot 9/23 (Harvest Feast)
Vtrnaetr 10/31  (Winters night)
Yule 12/20-1/1 (12 days of the dead)

Texas Tai Chi Push Hands & Light Sparring Events
wdhc San Shou Tournament
Pushing for Peace
Battered Wives/Battered Husbands

Images from past events

Austin Texas Push Hands and Light Sparring meetup at Jane N. Son's school. 11/12/2022

Meetup for overseas visitor, Mr. Robert Agar-Hutton

Funeral event in El Paso TX for Sifu Beto Briseno

2019 World Tai Chi Day sponsored by Tai Chi Today in San Antonio TX

Meetup in San Antonio TX, visitor from Portland Oregon, Melissa Ashira

Meetup in Houston TX with Ernie Wu

El Paso Meetup at the Sun Lotus Dojo

El Paso Meetup sponsored by Jorge Alvarez and Albert Ortega.

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