Sean Kovarovic

Sean Kovarovic's Literature

Proof of Military Background

I served honorably from 2001-2005. Joining the military right after 9/11. 

Level 1 Awareness Training

Awareness is a big part of Self Defense and Survival. This is to show I have completed military courses on the subject.

Instructor Certification

February 22nd 2008, sifu Beto Briseno certified me to teach Tai Chi Chuan, Wu Dang, Hsing- I, Ba Qua, and Chi Gong.

Rehab Therapy Tech Certificate

Expired certification showing proof of previous experience as a Rehabilitation Therapy Technician

Certified Master Instructor ATCQA 

This shows that I am a Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor and I can teach for medical purposes as well as martial arts. 

Sigung Jaime Perez

Shaolin Wushu Kungfu

Wushu Tai Chi Chuan

1 year

Sifu Beto Briseno

Tien Shan Tzi

Yang, Chen, Sun, Wudang, drunken Tai Chi,  Bagua, Xing yi, Wudang, Shaolin, Hung Ga, Qigong, Meditation, 

7 years

Sifu Eric Wright

Wudang San Feng Pai Tai Chi

6 months

Sifu Jeffery James

Longmen Tai Chi, Longmen Qigong

1 Year

Dave Randel

Chi Kuan Do, Close Quarters Combatives 

5 years

Mike Graves

Yang Taijiquan, Tai Chi Principles

7 years

Texas Push Hands and Light Sparring Meetups 

Back in 2018, myself, Kai Lewis, and Mike Graves had a conversation about starting some sparring meetups across Texas. Kai Lewis started the first one in Houston. Since then, I organized meetups in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso, and had guests from different states and different countries come through for our free meetups.  We hope to continue these events and expand outside of Texas in the future. 

What I teach


Forms, Drills, Tui Shou, Da Shou, Applications, Sparring, Weapons, Qigong

Yang 108, 24, Drunken, Chen Dao, Chen Gun, Chen Jian


Forms, Applications, Drills, Sparring, Weapons

Hubei Varient, 5 Elements, 5 Elements linking, 12 animals, Spear, Double Knives, Dao


Forms, Drills, Applications, Sparring,  Weapons

8 Changing Palms, Liu Style Baguazhang, Spear, Dao, Jian, Dear Hook Knives, 


Tai Chi, 5 Elements, Daoist, 5 Qigongs, Longmen,  


Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Moving, Entering Tranquility

Daoist Philosophy

Letting go,  Balance, Simplicity, 5 Elements, 8 Trigrams,  Lao Tzu, Chuan Tzu

Slavic Culture

Education on the1 god, Rod, and 11 dieties, and how to honor them, slavic magic (Zagavory), Energy work (Zhivot), and rituals, holidays, food, dance. 

Slovenska Burka

Combination of Tai Chi Principles, Close Quarters Combat, Polar Bear, Systema

Principles, Shashka, Valaska Axe, Knife, Stick, Gymnastics, Bow and Arrow, 


US Army-ATSC Ft Eustis VA, 11th ADA BDE Ft Bliss Tx- Human Resources Specialist- 4 years

Tien Shan Tzi- El Paso TX- Student Instructor- 7 years

Fierro Recreation Center-El Paso TX -Tai Chi Instructor-1 year

Marty Robins Recreation Center-El Paso TX- Taijiquan Instructor- 1 Year

Senior Living Center- San Antonio TX- Tai Chi Instructor-1 year

All Star Health Care- San Antonio TX- Physical Therapy Exercise Instructor- 1 Year

West Side Family YMCA-San Antonio TX- Tai Chi Instructor- 3 years

Texas Taijiquan Push Hands and Light Sparring Meetups- Organizer- TX -2018-Present

Wu De Health & Combat (wdhc) 501c3- President 2021-Present


Certificate of Achievement- Sergeant Major's Academy US ARMY, May 2011 International Teams Demonstration

2016 Legends of Kungfu Jin Woo Tournament- 5 gold medals

2021 World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition- 2 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze medal

2023 Health 2.0 Conference, Leader of the Year Award